Edge Reveals The Final Angle That Was Planned With Christian Before Being Forced To Retire From WWE



Edge was recently interviewed by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated for their Extra Mustard section. During the interview he spoke on a wide variety of topics. One of the most interesting things that he revealed was the final angle that he had planned before he was forced to retire from a neck injury in 2011.

Edge explained that he wanted to face Christian at Wrestlemania in his final match:

“We did have a tentative plan to go forward once [Alberto] Del Rio and I were through our program. Christian would have cost me the title to Del Rio, and then we would have moved on and done our thing – and I thought he would retire me at WrestleMania”

“That’s how I wanted to go out. I wanted to do the favor, drop the title, and then have Christian be the cause – then spend the final few months of my career wrestling my lifelong best friend, and really have him go off in a great heel direction once I retired”

Wow! That would have been an incredible way to end his wrestling career. Such a shame that he was forced to retire and we couldn’t see that in action.  As a longtime fan of both Edge and Christian, I think it would have been a great ending to his career.

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