Backstage Concern Over John Cena’s WWE Status In 2017


Cena in 2k17

Cena in 2k16

John Cena has had an incredible 2016. He has had some great matches on WWE television, including a match of the year candidate against AJ Styles at Summerslam. He also hosted the ESPY awards and the show American Grit. It was also announced that he would be hosting the December 10th episode of Saturday Night Live. 

It is clear that John Cena is becoming more and more mainstream as time progresses. It was just announced that Cena will star in the movie ‘The Pact’ alongside Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz. The shooting for the film will take place in 2017, which means another WWE hiatus for Cena.

The real question is becoming: how much does Cena need the WWE?

Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), says that there is backstage concern over Cena’s WWE status for 2017. Cena has continued to get big offers from Hollywood which is leading to WWE officials being very worried how much time he is going to have or if he is even going to want to wrestle a heavy schedule.

This is all ironic looking back at his feud with the Rock. Cena criticized The Rock for leaving the WWE Universe to go to Hollywood. Now it is happening in similar fashion to Cena. Hard to blame him though, he is probably getting offered big money to do these movies and he doesn’t have to take any bumps.

Cena seems like the guy that will try to make things work for WWE fans, so I can still see him having some big matches in 2017. It has become clear though that Cena is a mainstream superstar and has plenty of options outside of the squared circle.

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